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What is “Lambada” the Greek Easter Candle?

Easter remains the most celebrated holiday in the Greek Orthodox calendar. It’s also closely associated with the first signs of spring, and it’s a time for families and loved ones to come together and share in the joy. One can feel the anticipation and see the joy in the eyes of the the people from all the Greek communities worldwide. – Especially the children.

The traditional customary gift for Easter is the“Lambada” (Easter candle). It is lit on the midnight service of Easter Saturday. The exquisitely unique Lambada is a gift given by godparents to their godchildren. It’s a magical time for the children, who peering though their house windows, eagerly look forward to the long anticipated visit.

The Lambada plays a significant role in the Easter festivities. On Holy Saturday as the faithful prepare for the Resurrection people gather at church, with their Lambada candle. They isten to the liturgy of the Resurrection. At midnight, the church’s lights are turned off, symbolising the passing of Christ into Hades. As the priest chants the hymn “Come Receive the Light”, the crowd lights their Lambada. Everyone passes the flame to each other with the Holy Light. When the priest says “Christos Anesth” (Christ is risen), the faithful say to each other “Alithos Anesth” (He is indeed risen), exchanging wishes and kisses. It is truly beautiful spectacle and the pinnacle of the celebrations.

Greek Easter Lambada CandleGreek Easter Lambada Candle

With the celebrations at an end, people carry their lit Lambada to their homes. At hone, they form a cross with the candle’s flame in front of the entrance door. This will bring protection to their house during the coming year.

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