MOUNT ATHOS- Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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MOUNT ATHOS- Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“Kerasoelia” is a unique olive variety preserved and attuned in Mount Athos microclimate over the centuries, which gives olive oil of exceptional quality to this day. Owing to the recent effort to revive the outstanding plantation in Saint Xenophon’s Monastery, this centuries-old cultivar is expected to be soon registered in the Official Olive Varieties Catalogue of Greece.

Every fruit of “Kerasoelia” is a singular micro world born and grown on a terroir of spirituality, where man and nature live in perfect balance; every fruit imprints all those special elements and transforms into a most valuable, exquisite olive oil.

Mount Athos, or Agio Oros, is the monastic center of the Greek Orthodox Church, a state-within-a-state and a living museum and spiritual center of Greece.

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