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Evertything you need to know about Marti Bracelets

Happy March everyone! Καλό μήνα σε όλους! Hope everyone has a great month and don’t forget to wear your marti bracelet!

The month of March has a great Greek tradition which is to make the Martis bracelet. It is traditionally worn on the first day of March. The name of this bracelet is derived from the Greek word Martios, which is the name for the month of March in Greek. The 1st of March indicating the beginning of Spring in Greece, therefore a promise of warmer days and a burning sun. “According to tradition this bracelet is said to protect you from the burning March sun.

It is customary that the bracelet is threaded on the last day of February and that mother’s make this bracelet for their children. They are using the colours red and white, symbolic of the red rosy cheeks and a white complexion, this bracelet will protect them.

Depending on which part of Greece you are from there are several variations of this ritual. The one I know and told by our mom is that when the month ends, we cut off the bracelet and tie it to a plant, flower or tree branch for the birds to come and make their nest. In other regions, the bracelet is wrapped around pitchers in order to protect the water from the sun and keep it cold. Others tie the bracelet around a tree so that it fructifies and others say that they wear the bracelet until Easter day. That is when it is burnt it with the lamb that is roasted. This is said to be symbolic of Christ’s resurrection, where all our sins burn away and disappear.

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